Welcome !!! Shree Kagapujandar Vasista Jyotish Kendralaya

Shree Kagapujandar is one of the most remarkable siddhars that this universe has known so far. Of the innumerable/countless (Pathinen kodi) Siddhars that our universe possess,Shree Kagapujandar is the greatest or invincible siddhar that time had ever seen. He is reverently addressed as Ayya by all his devotees and beloved followers.

The Siddars have already predicted the present, past and future of the world by their meditational powers. They had also recorded in leaves called as Nadi Leaves. Since the Siddhars knew who would be coming to them with problems, they name this as Nadi Leaves. (Nadi in tamil means seeking /looking /coming to a person).

At Shree Kagapujandar Vasista Jyotish Kendralaya,In spite of having good work experience and knowledge many people cannot succeed in life. Do not get a suitable life partner. In spite of having all wealth some do not have a child/heir. Losses and failures in business. Suffer in pain due to diseases. Restlessness/Fear of enemies and foes. Bad dreams. Problems due to curses.
If you have any of the above said problems or more We guarantee you the removal of these curses. Provide with the details of your problem to facilitate to remove the curses. We use methods depicted in Vedic Leaves, solid mercury balls (Rasamani- alchemy) way of prayer and other proper methods of removing curses. We guarantee you that these curses and problems will be removed after the process.